PrdCraft Laptop Briefcase Bag Waterproof 17-inch Laptop Case Cover for Men Women

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Colour: Grey
Closure Type:
Nylon Fabric
Compatible Devices:
Laptops Bag Waterproof
Item Weight:
200 g
Shell Type:
Soft Light Weight

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Exclusive Laptop Briefcase Bag Bringing the Perfect Corporate Look

The laptop briefcase bag is your true companion while you are travelling. The grey colored laptop briefcase features a perfect corporate look and it boosts your self-confidence PRD Craft International brings the genuine product and we will do doorstep delivery. It’s time to elevate your style and it brings the classy touch. We deliver the product within a rigid packaging box and thus it reduces the chances of getting damaged. Now, you can easily start your tour plan knowing it’s easy to carry your laptop. The briefcase bag will make it easy to handle your work even when you are far from your location.

Facts about Laptop Briefcase Bag

PRD Craft International offers fast delivery and we provide 24*7 support. You can connect to us anytime and we will be happy to help you. Here, you will get a clear idea of the product and thus it gives you confidence to place an order. We deliver the genuine product and the high-quality nylon brings a soothing effect. So, you will find it easy to get the nylon fabric office bag and thus you will feel confident while going for an office trip.


Once you receive the stuff you will get an idea of how we help you carry your laptop irrespective of the size. The grey color of the bag gives it a formal look and it’s suitable 14/15.6/a 16 Inch Laptop/MacBook. The length of the laptop briefcase is 14 inches and the width is 11 inches. It features a hand strap of 6-inch. Thus, it becomes one of the exclusive shoulder bags and the trolley strap also helps you attack the bag to your trolley. The 40-inch shoulder strap brings ultimate flexibility while it’s on your shoulder.


This briefcase bag for a laptop is expandable and thus your laptop fits easily. There is ample space inside and there won’t be any strain on the laptop. It’s water-resistant and you can now move to remote locations without worrying about the challenges you may face. Now, you can keep travelling without worries and we will help you carry out your allowed work.

Find the Best Pat Affordable Price

PRD Craft International comes up with the best laptop briefcase bag. Here, you will get the stuff at an affordable price and there are no hidden charges. They offer secure payment options that help you make payments successfully. Once you place your order we will give you confirmation and we will reach your doorstep. We show you detailed descriptions along with the price and it eliminates chances of confusion in the future. This way, you will get the finest laptop briefcase bag and we are here to deliver on time.

Get 100% Satisfaction

We work dedicatedly to give our clients 100% satisfaction. We always focus on quality and innovative ideas that help our clients explore products with amazing features. This laptop briefcase bag is one of our premium creations and we ensure it can be the ideal bag for laptops of different sizes. We turn out with excellent packaging solutions and it’s time to find innovative designs. We will be excited to serve more products that will fulfil your needs and thus you will enjoy shopping here.

Customer-Friendly Service

PRD Craft International offers services according to client’s expectations. We do eco-friendly practices and it won’t give rise to threats to the environment. Our packaging boxes will help you explore new forms of art and you will feel excited to find more products. We always provide high-quality products and you can count on us.

Final Words

Once you enter the virtual store you will come across a wide range of packaging solutions. The laptop briefcase bag is the ideal option if you are wondering how to carry your laptop to remote locations. Finally, you can start travelling peacefully and your laptop bag will be always there boosting your confidence.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 26.67 × 35.56 × 5.08 cm

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